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Storage and Offshore


Off Shore Shipping Containers, DNV, Military and Custom Containers

Offshore ( DNV ) Shipping Containers

Expert in DNV certified offshore containers — Over the last two decades, Atlantic Coast Containers has become a leading supplier of DNV certified offshore containers for the offshore oil, gas, and wind energy sectors. Designed and constructed for the harshest oceanic & offshore environments, specifically for use on open seas.

Atlantic Coast Containers has a partnership with its manufacturers to offer an in-house engineering team to design every offshore container from scratch if required.

Characteristic are the maximum payload, loading space and strength in order to ensure safe usage along with wide applicability in both the offshore oil and gas, as the offshore wind energy industry.

Furthermore, our dedicated production line is under constant surveillance of our own quality inspectors.

All modifications are made according to DNV 2.7-1(2) regulations in order to maintain offshore certification. 

Our containers are supplied with the following certifications:

  • ISO
  • CSC
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • EN 12079 Norms
  • Supplied with or without slings

Military Specialty Containers

Atlantic Coast Container is the leading small business supplier of ISO containers to military suppliers.  Our durable containers and shelters meet the military’s critical requirements and have earned an excellent reputation with our customers for fulfilling contracts with multiple delivery orders on time and according to custom specifications.

We also have the ability to provide First Article Testing with production reports from raw materials through production and final assembly.  Atlantic Coast Container has supplied custom shipping containers to military contractor firms for routine and classified military acquisitions. From standard 20’ ISO shipping containers to intricate containers with very close tolerances we can assist with your military needs.

Custom Containers

Atlantic Coast Container can provide you custom containers built to your specifications for specialty applications.