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Our Flatrack containers have the following features:

  • Consists of a high loading capacity floor with two fixed or collapsible walls for stacking
  • Its open construction allows for transportation of over-weighted and over-sized cargo
  • Cargo can extend out beyond the top or the sides of the container

ACC new containers are manufactured with Corten steel frame, sides, doors, and under structure. All units come with a CSC safety certification plate, lashing rings and fork lift pockets

All our units come with premium marine grade 19 ply 1 ¼ “thick flooring. They are suitable for carrying up to 30 tons of cargo in each of the 20’ and 40’ containers and are and are stackable when empty.

Outside Dimensions  (m) (ft)
Length: 12.192 40.000
Width: 2.438 7.999
Height: 2.591 8.501
Inside Dimensions  (m) (ft)
Length: 11.884 38.990
Width: 2.082 6.831
Height: 2.270 7.448
Weight (kg) (lbs)
Gross Weight: 45,000 99,208
Loading: 40,205 88,637
Tare: 4,795 10,571
Door Opening  (m) (ft)
Forklift Pockets  (m) (in)
Width: 0.360 14.17
Height: 0.155 6.10
Volume  (m³) (cf)
3.00 105.94
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