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Our DuoCon containers have the following features:

  • Easy to make two 10’ containers out of this product
  • Easy to ship as a standard 20’ ISO container
  • Double door design allows for easy access to cargo at both ends of the container and if cut into will have a standard door for each 10’
  • Supplied front walls for wielding back when making into two 10’ containers

ACC new containers are manufactured with Corten steel frame, sides, doors, and under structure. All units come with a CSC safety certification plate and are fit with ventilation & interior lashing rings and fork lift pockets

All our units come with a high security lock box and coated premium marine grade 19 ply 1 ¼ “thick bamboo inlay flooring. They are suitable for carrying up to 30 tons of cargo in each of the 20’ and 40’ standard or High Cube containers and are and are stackable.

Customizable options are as follows:

  • Wide range of exterior & interior colors (our standard is a Tan – RAL 1015 tan and light Gray RAL 7040 exterior with white/gray RAL 7035 interior)
  • Choice of flooring: steel, bamboo, h,  polyurethane coating (PU), ardwood,  hazmat
  • 9’6″ High Cube also available
Outside Dimensions  (m) (ft)
Length: 6.058 19.875
Width: 2.438 7.999
Height: 2.591 8.501
Inside Dimensions  (m) (ft)
Length: 5.844 19.173
Width: 2.350 7.710
Height: 2.390 7.841
Weight (kg) (lbs)
Gross Weight: 30,480 67,197
Loading: 27,730 61,134
Tare: 2,750 6,063
Door Opening  (m) (ft)
Width: 2.340 7.677
Height: 2.280 7.480
Forklift Pockets  (m) (in)
Width: 0.360 14.17
Height: 0.155 6.10
Volume  (m³) (cf)
32.00 1,158.43
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